Le Stud brings your startup idea to Series A

We help you build, strategize and grow your tech startups. Whether you're at the beginning of your journey or looking for the right partner, we've got your back.

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They said :
"We are an impact startup studio"

Definition of impact :
"High added value for little investment"

One of our favorite lines:

How can I help ?

We're a crew of experienced startup founders

We work hard

We dream big


Users are the ones creating the product. We constantly talk and listen to them. Our approach: focus on feedbacks to drive results and impact.


We develop our solutions using scalable technologies (ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, ElasticSearch, AWS) and many others frameworks and SDKs.


We're focused on data and AARRR framework, looking for the best growth strategies and acquisition channels to reach Product Market Fit in no time.

Aligning with founders' vision and interest

All the skills to build successful startups

We bring an experienced team to help you scale your startup. We worry about the tech development and growth of your product so you can focus on the business. Your expertise and knowledge is all we need.

Partnering with amazing CEOs and founders

We work for entrepreneurs who are able to carry a vision, raise money and are business and impact-oriented. It's a good sign if they kick our ass. We're always there to support them at key moments.

With partnership and transparency

Everyone has access to accounting: who works on what, how long, how much it costs. We always challenge to make choices, no half measures. We want to succeed together.

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